5 Finale Copy Tips

Five Finale Copyist Hints

By Lee Monroe

Extraction Process – 

Many copyists will paste one part into a similar part to save time in the extraction and layout process (i.e. the 2nd Trumpet part into 1st Trumpet part).  Be sure to turn off the Special Part Extraction, paste in the new material, and then turn the Special Part Extraction back on.  This will ensure that all the material is represented for the new part. (Don’t forget to save the part as a new file)

Layouts – 

Page Turns!  Finale can extract the parts for you, but there isn’t a program out there that will consistently make the right decisions regarding layout.  If you deal with the recording industry or perhaps stage shows, page turns are paramount.  All odd numbered pages must have as significant a page turn as possible, even if it means less staves on a page.

Score Setup  

It’s important to set up your data entry correctly for pasting and editing considerations.  Make sure to distinguish between Staff Expressions (note attached) and Score Expressions (measure attached).  You should macro dynamics and use Staff Expression for each part, rather than Score Expression.  If you have to Copy <ctrl+C> and then Paste <ctrl+V>, only the contents of the measure (note attached information) and not information attached to the measure will copy.


Update <ctrl+U> constantly!  Be sure to update from the beginning of the file, otherwise preceding pages will not be updated.  Updating should become an autonomic response (for my staff that means - acting or occurring involuntary), control u after every change you make.

Save Often  

You can auto save and save to backup files.  Depending on how much work you produce, this can take up a lot of drive space.  If you turn off the auto save and the backup file option under ‘Program Options’, you must learn to save as often as you update.  <ctrl+U> <ctrl+S>

Lee Monroe is the President of Express Music Services and has been a full time professional music copyist for 18 years.

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